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  • Driving Purpose for Kenosha

    Our goal is to make Kenosha one of the most livable communities in the United States.


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  • Investing in Kenosha's Future

    Through the Kenosha Scholarship Program we will not only attract the best employers, we would also make Kenosha attractive to young families.

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  • Building Jobs and the Economy

    Communities can be successful only with economic opportunity.  Bringing in and keeping well paying jobs should be the chief priority of anyone in City Hall. In order to make Kenosha the most successful city we must achieve the following:

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  • Maintaining a Modern Infrastructure

    If we want new employment opportunities with good wages, our city’s infrastructure must meet the needs of its citizens and attract businesses to our community.  Every tax dollar we spend must benefit our residents.

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  • Creating a Healthy Kenosha

    Through community coalitions, we ensure that our community is a healthy place to live for children, families and seniors. Local government has the chance to help all Kenoshans live long and healthy lives.

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  • Keeping Kenosha Safe

    All neighborhoods deserve support from our police and firefighters through collaboration and outreach.  Everyone deserves to live in a safe community. Any approach to combating violent and property crime in the city must be multi-faceted.

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