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I believe America must have the best educational system in the world. We live now in an innovation economy, and we will only remain competitive if our nation’s youth can generate the newest and best ideas in the world. That is why we must address our lack of investment in our educational system.

Education is one of the best investments our country can make. Many problems arise from a lack of education including apathy, ignorance, economic struggles, and health problems. By making sure each student can put their best foot forward, we will have a stronger society and economy.

It is harder and harder to make a living with a high school education. We have an epidemic of young people who want to attend college and cannot afford it.

That is why we must protect and expand Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. I was able to achieve an education because of these grants, and I strongly support President Obama’s effort to ensure that financial companies are not making great profits at the expense of struggling students.

When elected to Congress, I will work to ensure schools have the funding they need at all levels. I support investing in curriculum materials and computers as well as extracurricular programs including sports and the arts. I support free or reduced cost lunch programs and other nutrition programs because no child should have to learn while they are hungry.

I think education should be a well-rounded experience, and simply teaching the bare minimum to pass students through a test is a shame and waste of the potential of this nation’s youth. I will work to ensure that our schools are not simply driven by standardized testing schemes and instead better serve each student and their family.

And, let’s not cut corners when it comes to our children’s teachers. Good teachers are the foundation of a successful classroom and learning experience. Our public school teachers deserve more respect than they are given. I think we need to stop blaming our teachers, and give them the funding they need to do their job. I also support continued education and training for teachers to learn the best new practices and research so they can develop their skills throughout their careers.

Workers can go further and can succeed with more education, and I support greatly expanded worker retraining and educational opportunities in technical colleges. Working men and women, who have had their jobs outsourced or lost them through downsizing, will be able to find new opportunities near their homes when they gain new skills.

I will work to ensure educational services are available at low or no cost to veterans and servicemen and women as well as unemployed workers. I will fight for the resources to make sure that people can work for a living and join the middle class.