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Revitalizing Manufacturing and Creating Jobs


  • I will oppose Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), and will promote Fair Trade that benefits the workers of all nations involved. FTAs do not work, they hurt American industry, and I will oppose the outsourcing of American jobs. See trade policy.
  • I will support changes to our tax code to reward job creation in America, not outsourcing of jobs.
  • I support rebuilding our infrastructure to increase economic activity and create construction jobs.
  • I support education for workers including low or no-cost job retraining.
  • I support Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and will fight to protect them. I support retirement security for all Americans.


We can start fixing our economy by understanding how our economy grows. In the past, consumers drove a healthy economy in the U.S. because most of the products they were purchasing were made in America. Companies were expanding to sell more products and this created jobs. Workers could afford to buy the products they made.

We lost our way when we changed the tax code to overly benefit the wealthiest, started treating investment banks and investment income more preferentially, and initiated Free Trade Agreements which unfairly penalized American workers.

By making our trade policy more fair, we can increase business and manufacturing in America instead of driving growth in India, China, and elsewhere. By treating income earned by investors the same as that earned by workers, we can spur middle-class growth.

And finally, we need to get honest about paying for our obligations. There are many things our nation needs to invest in and bills the government has to pay. That is why it is time that millionaires and billionaires, like the Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan, and others, must pay their fair share. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and for oil and gas companies are not affordable and must end. I also support ending loopholes like capital gains and carried interest which allows financial professionals to pay a lower tax rate than those who earn their livings from a paycheck.

By making the right decisions for the middle class, and not lobbyists, we can speed up economic recovery and rebuild the American middle class.

I also endorse the Congressional Progressive Caucus' Budget. You can find out more information here.