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  • Overview

    I’m running for Congress to solve problems. We have much to do on important issues facing Wisconsin and America. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m pragmatic.

    My goal is to bring together the best ideas to rebuild the middle class, protect students and seniors, clean up politics, and move this country forward.

    I need your input. You can help me build and develop our campaign’s platform by sending your ideas. Click here  to send me an email with your thoughts.

    If you live in Wisconsin, you can get involved locally by joining your Community Coordinating Committee to help steer the campaign.

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  • Economy

    By making the right decisions for the middle class, and not lobbyists, we can speed up economic recovery and rebuild the American middle class.

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  • Increasing the Minimum Wage

    We need to increase wages in order to get our economy moving again. Workers’ wages have been stagnant for far too long, despite record breaking corporate profits. Recent evidence from states that increased their minimum wage show they had better job growth than states that did not.

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  • Economic & Health Security

    I oppose efforts to alter Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for the benefit of private health insurance companies and financial interests. This will undermine and weaken these critical programs.

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  • Energy

    Our energy policy should focus on achieving energy independence while meeting our needs in an environmentally sound way. There has been a lot of opposition to green energy and to the EPA and its mission of protecting the environment. Much of this opposition, and phony scientific studies, come from oil and coal interests that want to see our nation remain dependent upon their products. I disagree with climate change deniers and believe addressing this problem will not only help our environment, but also our economy. 

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  • Politics

    I will work to pass a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision. The Amendment will return transparency and strict ethics and campaign finance limits. Members of Congress will be able to stop focusing on money and will have more time and energy to serve the public.

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  • Choice and Women’s Rights

    My values are about choice, freedom, and respect. I respect each individual’s right to determine their own behavior in accordance with their own faith or values.

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  • Trade Policy

    Our trade policy is unfair to American workers. It hurts our manufacturing sector and is exacerbating our $2 Billion trade deficit. Global trade and commerce is essential, but the rules by which this takes place are flawed. NAFTA, CAFTA, and other Free Trade agreements have failed to take into account the fact that many countries, including China, do not follow the same environmental and labor standards we do. I will work to reform our trade policy to be fairer to American workers. I will stand strong to end practices, including currency manipulation, that are hurting Americans who are employed in manufacturing.

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  • Congress

    We need to end career politics because even the best individuals eventually run out of energy and good ideas.

    The problem of out of touch career politicians, instead of public servants, comes in large part from the unlimited money from the Citizens United decision

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  • Middle Class

    Instead of finding ways to grow the economy for everyone, we have a Republican Congress talking about what to cut from the middle class. They are advancing an extreme social agenda and taking votes to deny people health care instead of investing in a jobs program. They are cutting unemployment benefits for those who, through no fault of their own, can’t find a job in this tough economy. They refuse to raise the minimum wage, even though corporate profits are at an all-time high.

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  • LGBT Community

    I will work to eliminate all discrimination and ensure every religious institution, and every citizen, has the freedom to make their own choices without government picking sides.

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  • Education

    I believe America must have the best educational system in the world. We live now in an innovation economy, and we will only remain competitive if our nation’s youth can generate the newest and best ideas in the world. That is why we must address our lack of investment in our educational system.

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  • Infrastructure

    Our crumbling infrastructure is a serious problem for our economy and safety, but rebuilding our country creates a great opportunity to put people back to work and strengthen our economy.

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  • National Security and War

    I stand squarely against the NSA programs that scoop up innocent Americans by the millions and subject them to phone and internet surveillance. The Congress must do more to provide oversight and end the spying on average Americans. National security doesn’t mean that every phone call you make and every email I send should be subject to government scrutiny. I support strong intelligence services but will work to ensure there is sufficient oversight to protect the civil liberties of American citizens, and to make sure privacy is respected.

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  • Israel

    I support America’s commitment to the safety of Israel and I support Israel’s right to defend itself from hostile threats from inside and outside of their nation. And I will oppose cuts to foreign aid for Israel because this support is vital to their continued safety and viability as a democracy and ally to the United States.

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